Théâtre de Nîmes - Redesign & Brand Identity

I answered a call of proposals from the Théâtre de Nîmes in France. They wanted a redesign of their entire identity, so I put my effort at work and presented them my own personnal vision of the brand.
The Théâtre de Nîmes wanted something fresh and modern but still familiar to those who come to the theater regularly. They also wanted to open the communication to other audiences, some younger and some others that are not used to go to the theater.

I've made three propositions based on what I found about the theater, its already well established identity and the new audiences they wanted to reach.
Théâtre de Nîmes Keywords
First, I searched for what could be the voice of the theater, its vision. So I've found all these keywords and summarized them in those only two words : Creative Cocktail.

Then, I've made three different stylescapes, each with its own mood, feel and persona. I've made the first one modern and serious, the second one a bit more dynamic and warm and the third one more colorful with a childish and amusing feel.
Théâtre de Nîmes Stylescape ModernThéâtre de Nîmes Stylescape DynamicThéâtre de Nîmes Stylescape Colorful
After that, I've made a new proposition to redesign their logo. The old one was good, but it lacked clarity at small scale, so I've made a lot of research and found something that both translated the values of the theatre and was easily recognizable at a small size.
Théâtre de Nîmes Logo redesign
Here I explained the choices I've made for typography and colors, both for the logo and the general communication.
Théâtre de Nîmes typographyThéâtre de Nîmes Colors
Finally, I've made som mockups to illustrate my style guide with some real situations.
Théâtre de Nîmes poster mockupThéâtre de Nîmes mockups

So, even if my project hadn't been chosen, it was really fun to work on this. I've learned to deal with unknown data and I worked pretty "blindfolded", but it was interresting to make my own research, trying to guess what will make the theater thrill !

Thank you for your attention !

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