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  • Oiapok – Webdesign & Brand Identity

    Oiapok – Webdesign & Brand Identity

    Brief Oiapok is a modern future jazz / rock progressive band focused around nature and human explorations. I teamed up with the main singer (which has a design degree) which gave me useful feedbacks about the identity of the band. Challenge We wanted to upgrade the identity of the band, as it changed its name…

  • Théâtre de Nîmes – Redesign & Brand Identity

    Théâtre de Nîmes – Redesign & Brand Identity

    Brief I answered a call of proposals from the Théâtre de Nîmes in France. They wanted a redesign of their entire identity, so I put my effort at work and presented them my own personnal vision of the brand. Challenge The Théâtre de Nîmes wanted something fresh and modern but still familiar to those who…

  • Val Sauvage – Webdesign & Brand Identity

    Val Sauvage – Webdesign & Brand Identity

    Brief I needed to build my own personal brand from scratch, as a musician, but also as a designer who launched its own clothing brand. Challenge This is never easy to work for yourself, as you don’t have the required step back to be critical enough. So I’ve iterated my work a lot and sent…

  • Qualité, écologie, technicité !

    Qualité, écologie, technicité !

    Le coton n’est pas la matière idéale en terme d’écologie et de qualités textiles, car elle remporte la palme de la fibre la plus polluante au monde. Pourtant, c’est aussi la fibre la plus utilisée au monde, mais existe-t-il des alternatives ? Et lesquelles ? Comment les choisir sans se faire avoir ?