Val Sauvage / Valentin METZ


Hello ! I am Valentin METZ and I am a web designer.

What do I do exactly ?

I specialized in brand identity. It means that if you work with me, you will make your brand grow stronger in the heart of your potential or actual clients. Concretely, you will have :

  • A powerful logo that will last forever and will be immediately recognizable
  • A strong graphic identity that will transmit your brand feelings and values
  • A clear style guide that will tell the people you work with what to do and what to not
  • All the templates you need for prints, letters, business cards, etc.

You’ll have some nice guidelines and assets too to make your brand more alive :

  • An expertise of your global communication
  • A study and analysis of your mediums
  • A manifesto that will transmit your values and philosophy to your audience and partners

Is that all ?

No ! I have mainly worked as a web designer for all these years and I know now how to make an excellent one now. So, together, we will :

  • Determine the needs and the main goal of your website
  • Use the personas related to your brand identity to create a fluid user workflow
  • Make a first draft of your website structure and functionalities
  • Make wireframes to know where the content of your website will be
  • Realize the website and integrate the graphic contents
  • Integrate the functionalities
  • Make A/B tests to optimize the website
  • Put it online !

And after all of this ?

Well, once your website is online, the work is not finished yet… What is the point of creating a website if nobody sees it ? Wait, don’t worry, I will tell you how to :

  • Make Search Engine Optimization so everyone could find it on Google, Bing, etc.
  • Know how to maintain SEO in the long term
  • Establish a semantic field with useful keywords
  • Target your audience with Google Adwords and Facebook ads

Is it finished now ?


But don’t worry, if one day you want to change something, add pages or functionnalities, I will guide you on how to do it yourself, it is very simple ! And more of that :

  • You will have .pdf files and videos to show you and remind you how the things should be done
  • A quick recap of what to do and what not to do if you want to keep your website alive and working
  • A maintenance for security and update of your website included in my services

And if you want more than you can’t do yourself, just ask me, I will be glad to work with you again !


Making a website live is a long journey. And once it is created, you will have a very nice showcase of your work, a powerful e-commerce store or whatever you asked for !

Don’t forget the goal of your website.

Even if I excel in making beautiful and attracting ones, I can only give you the keys to grow your business, you will have to do the rest ! 😉

Thank you for your attention !