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Our mission, our values & our engagements

A brand with real values

We believe in a better world.

A world where our clothes didn’t contaminated our soils or our neighbors.

A world where workers would be treated as well as the factory’s owner.

A world where we wouldn’t have to worry too much about the bad consequences of our acts, because everybody would be responsible and transparent enough.

Yes, we’re kind of dreamers…

But we think that this dream could become reality, or at least get closer to it.

That’s why we exist, we want to make the world a better place !

Ecological fabrics

We choose our fabrics carefully. And you’ll only find ecological ones (GOTS and/or Oeko-tex certified) at Val Sauvage Clothing, such as organic cotton, Tencel, hemp and recycled polyester. We banned all the others.

Ethical factories

We only work with Fare Wear certified factories. And we are proud to work with these outstanding suppliers, because they treat humans like they should be, and this is outstanding, it really is.

Full transparency

We have nothing to hide. We’re certainly not perfect (yet), but we believe in a human enterprise gathered by deep and powerful values.

Quality over quantity

We don’t wanna waste a ton of unselled products and burn it like some wellknown brands do. On the contrary, we try to give you the best quality possible in each of our garments, and we only print on demand. This means that we don’t overstock, we don’t waste our products and we encourage our customers to buy wisely. Yes, we believe our customers are wise.

We currently work with the famous providers Stanley/Stella and Royal clothing. These are token of certified quality, ecological and ethical engagements.

Our tshirts are at least 150 gr, and our sweats are at least 300gr. The heavier a garment is, the more durable it is, the better is its quality.

Organic cottons, tencel and hemp are also softer (amongst other amazing characteristics) than other usual garments. We like softness, and we think you will too.

See our fabrics page for more information.

Embroided and printed in France

All our clothes are printed and embroided in Bordeaux, France. There is an exception: our hemp and tencel products are made in USA, which is pretty good too.

We want to grow locally, so we’re gonna get closer to french and european manufacturer in the future. Our final goal is to produce and sell in places as close as possible, in order to provide geolocalised shipping to our customers.

We’re not big enough to do that for now (we’re looking for investors if you have a rich uncle or if you know someone who knows someone), but one day, we will.

Thanks to our incredible energy.
Thanks to and the values we defend.
Thanks to you.